My name is Sara Fountain.  I’m a sophomore in my degree.  I don’t count the years I’ve been in college anymore.  To put it this way:  I started my freshman year of Purdue in 2006.  To say the least I was overwhelmed.  After my first year of Purdue and not really accomplishing anything, I took a semester off and worked at Macy’s.  I then decided that working full time for minimum wage was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and enrolled in Ivy Tech.  I then got very comfortable in my surroundings, etc. and got stuck in a rut. I attended Ivy Tech for 4 years.  Meanwhile I had my son, Levi who is now 18 months old and moved in with my boyfriend of now 6 years.  This summer I reapplied for Purdue and got back in.  It’s vitally important that I graduate college as those are the hopes I have for my son.  Hopefully, I am on track to graduate in spring of 2014. I also coach gymnastics at Lafayette Area Gymnastics Club in the old Linwood school in Lafayette and substitute teach for Tippecanoe School Corporation.  I’ve lived in Lafayette all of my life.  Although I wasn’t fond of it during high school “because there’s nothing to do here,” I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  It’s just big enough but just small enough also.  I went to Lafayette Christian School for elementary and Jr. High school.  I then went to Lafayette Jefferson High School which was a huge adjustment. I went from a graduating class of 18 at LCS to a freshman class at Jeff of 600 in a school of over 2,000 kids. I also have a german shepherd who lives with us who is 3 years old now named Jack and a beagle who lives at my parents house who is 10 years old named Allie. Anything else you want to know just ask.


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